Throat mic

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1、Throat vibration transmission can avoid air noise in high driving speeds.
2、PTT button is wrapped on one finger. Using the finger to press PTT can transmit signal.
3、Transparent tube can be easily hidden, and air tube can reduces noise when transmit signals.

Working principle

Using the throat vibration while talking,  to active the microphone Voltage components.

It can reduce more than 90% background noise, not afraid of noisy environment.


Item Throat Vibration Earpiece
Compatible Radio TH-360、TH-UV7R、TH-900、TH-850plus、TH-950 and the other K type compatible radio
Method Of Signal Transmission Transmit signal by the vocal vibration
PTT Button Ring type
Ear Plug Type Vacuum tube ear plug
Adjustable Un- adjustable
Connector Universal K type

 *Specifications above are in accordance with the applicable standard, due

 to the continuous development of technology, specifications above are

 subject to change without prior notice.


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