Projection Screens

A.C.T is a continued partner of Glimm Screens which now A.C.T is known as GlimmUSA. In 2001 our partner Glimm discovered that certain types of acrylic do not provide high clear projection images suitable for the projection market. Together with an acrylic manufacturer, Glimm’s R&D department developed new types of acrylic to improve the quality of image projections on acrylic screens.
What makes our screens special is that we changed the polymer structure of the material, optimizing the light transmissions, transparencies of the materials, improved viewing angles (180*). and improved light diffusion and gains. Some of our top products are now 100% clear Hologlimm™ screen and Greyfire™ sunlight screen.

Rear and front acrylic projection screens

GlimmUSA has its own manufactured projection film line, which are also available fully assembled on glass or between glass. There are 5 types of projection films that can be attached to or put in between different kinds of glass. The projection film has a maximum width of 2.4 meter, and can be 7 meters long maximum. Glimm screens have different agreements with different glass suppliers in Europe who can laminate these films for you. Each film type has it’s own performance enhancements.