Medical Technology

iWireless Ultrasound

The first one of its kind Wireless Ultrasound Technology probe for pregnancy and lower abdomen. There is 3 different models to choose from please ask a representative for details. You can use with Android, iPhone, or iPad. Download the app activate and sync wireless probe and start scan.

Wireless EGG

The award winning 14 channel wireless EEG, designed for contextualized research and advanced brain computer interface (BCI) applications. This unit provides access to dense array, high quality, raw EEG data using our subscription based software, Pure•EEG. Call and ask a representative for details.

14 channels: AF3, F7, F3, FC5, T7, P7, O1, O2, P8, T8, FC6, F4, F8, AF42
References: In the CMS/DRL noise cancellation configuration P3/P4 locations

Signal resolution

Sampling method: Sequential sampling. Single ADC
Sampling rate: 128 SPS or 256 SPS* (2048 Hz internal)
Resolution: 14 bits 1 LSB = 0.51μV ( 16 bit ADC, 2 bits instrumental noise floor discarded), or 16 bits*
Bandwidth: 0.2 – 43Hz, digital notch filters at 50Hz and 60Hz
Filtering: Built in digital 5th order Sinc filter
Dynamic range (input referred): 8400μV(pp)
Coupling mode: AC coupled


Wireless: Bluetooth® Smart
Proprietary wireless: 2.4GHz band


Battery: Internal Lithium Polymer battery 640mAh
Battery life: up to 12 hours using proprietary wirelss, up to 6 hours using
Bluetooth® Smart


It is a method whereby the doctor or health practitioner can tell, from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body; it’s constitutional potentials, areas of congestion or toxic accumulations and inherent challenges and gifts.
The Iriscope is easy to operate. It is plugged directly into the computer and doesn’t require an electrical power supply. Light brightness and focus can be adjusted by using the switch on the handle.
The iris scope uses its own software which can save client information and photos as well as product recommendations. Analysis reports can be printed and photos are saved according to the date and time taken.
This machine will help the client know his health condition frankly ,including the problem which you have get in the former ,now and future .and the Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness and sub-health.

Face Recognition Security/Thermometer Device

  • Model : REACT 98T
  • Products Status : Stock
  • Standard configuration : RK 3288
  • RAM / ROM : 2G / 8G
  • Theory : Infrared Thermometer
  • Usage : Indoor / Outdoor
  • Running mode : LAN, Standalone
  • Place of Origin : USA
  • Screen Size : 8 inch
  • Brand Name : REACT
  • Accuracy : 0.1 ℃
  • Temperature range : 35℃~41℃