Interactive Touch Screens

Touch Screens and Interactive Window Solutions

Projection capative technology
Only touch screen technology that will work on glass in sunlight. Single and multi-touch (window advertising)

IR touch technology
IR MULTI-TOUCH FRAMES™ can make every LCD multi-touch up to 40 touch-points.

Multi-touch IR camera system
Multi-touch system for large glass panels for indoor and outdoor use.

From 30″ up to 350″ / 6, 10, 16, 32, 40 touch points

True multi-touch capability, up to 40 touch points at the same time. This technology provides high response rates with low latency up to 7m. The Multitouch frame works in ambient light. It is even possible to combine multiple frames to create a multi-panel on one PC, or use web cam motion technology. They are available in screens as large as 200’’ or even larger and, with additional touch points.

IR Brochure

Digital Video Business Card

!!! ON SALE NOW !!!

We can now make your business card, folder, brochures etc into something more. Once the business card opens the video plays when closes it turns off. Charge it and change your media with a USB cable anytime. Battery has been known to last almost 8 months depending on usage.

Touch screen is optional

Tangible Tables & Objects

Have fun with your touch screen by using tangible objects with tangible software. Ask about modified software that will make your touch table or kiosk look like a futuristic state of the art touch screen. Sizes start at 32inch to 200inches