Hypervision 3D Hologram

Marketers are always on the lookout for the latest way to grab a potential customer’s attention – something that’s not easy in our sensory-overloaded, distraction-laden world. Retailers with this hardware are claiming increased measurements of customer engagement, so something must be going right with this technology. Our A.C.T Hypervsn Hologram Player looks like a propeller or windmill, it is designed to mount to walls, and quiet while running. The “screen-less” Hypervsn Hologram Displayer are simple to install, operate, and cost-effective. The magic happens once the switch is flipped on. It produces 3D visuals which appear to float in the air effectively. While in lingering crowds, it is the perfect advertising solution to businesses, for exhibition, bar, stores, product launch, product promotion etc. Since the technology is LED-based, the “holograms” are able to be clearly seen at a distance, even under brightly-lit conditions. Wide viewing angle minimizes impact on the experience. Everywhere from all (front) sides and various heights can witness the 3D forms without too much of a perspective.

We now have them in wireless. Call and ask a sales representative for details.

3 Sided 3D hologram

Market and advertise your products in 3 dimensional. Let the product do the talking for you while it grabs your customers attention. People like to look before they listen. What a better way to use 3D technology for all customers to see.

24" Inch Smart Mirror

Use this unit for advertising your products, services, television shows or just to use in your bed room or restroom. It also has a weight scale, skin moisture tester and lots more functions. Works with all android and google apps. Also has built in camera for other things. Coming soon with this unit will be a medical avatar so you can talk to your avatar doctor on your mirror. There is no projection on this unit screen is built into mirror.