Projection Films

Rear and front Projection Films

A.C.T. screens started in 2016 with selling the first projection film from 3M. During this period we discovered that technology was necessary to produce a new advertising on projection films. We found a film supplier who was developing films for different applications for 3M and other manufactures like Texas instruments, and Samsung. Our own suppliers production line started in 2001. Their films are registered, patented and licensed for the global market.
The films are evaluated every year on quality, comparison and needs in the global projection market. This way we can guarantee top quality products, and since they are the only manufacturer of high quality projection films in the global market we can offer best prices in a non-competition network.

Projection Foil on glass

Projection Foil is to create the ultimate promotional – attention grabbing projection screen! A.C.T. can cut your projection screen into any shape, graphic, icon or logo you want. The Projection foil can be attached to glass in any shape or size so you can create brand awareness.
Applications : projection logo for advertisements , projection film in retail, projection for visual merchandising and brand awareness. Design and creative projections by cutting the projection screen into any and all shapes
A.C.T. also offers the possibility to order a custom-shaped projection screens or logo screen. This means we can cut the acrylic or glass as well as the projection film. If you like to project on a cut-to-size film we can support you with our video-mapping consultant and content possibilities. Both of these digital signage solutions are possible with all of our projection films.
The first 100% holographic glass screen is now available! There is Rear projection glass screen, back projection in between glass, holoprojection in glass, holo video in glass or make your own Holotv in glass like a holomovie in glass. It combines visibility with the comfort of invisibility like magic! This new glass projection screen looks like normal glass, although like magic, it is not. It’s a new optical projection film that has been laminated between glass or can be placed on single glass.