Air Tube Earpiece

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1、PTT-ON-MIC wire control structure.

2、Transparent tube ear plug,comfortable wearing,hiding.

3、Transparent tube can be disassemble. Replacement is available.

4、Volume adjustable.


Compatible Radio TH-360、TH-UV7R、TH-900、TH-850plus、TH-95 and other K type two way radio.
Application Private communication groups, like Public security, guard etc.

Speaker Specification

Sensitivity 112±3dB@1kHz 1mW(Single part)
Rated Power 10mW
Max Power 30mW
Distortion (Typical values) 5% at 1KHz
Speaker Impedance 32Ω±15% @1KHZ

 Microphone Specification

Sensitivity -42±3dB@1kHz 3.0V 2.2KΩ,0dB=1V/pa
Working Temperature -20~60℃

*Specifications above are in accordance with the applicable standard, due

to the continuous development of technology, specifications above are

subject to change without prior notice.


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